Division Of Spoils Oh look, you’re so stressed-out you can’t remember the way out of this dungeon BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – and so my Players tend to make “scratch maps” as a back up in case this happens. But that’s another story. So, let me say first off that how Players divide up the treasure is entirelyContinue reading

Inspiration For Adventure:Swamp Witch In the meantime, I’ve written out the lyrics here to provide my fellow Torturers – sorry, GMs – with some potential inspiration. See if you can come up with an adventure idea more evil – sorry, exciting – than what I put my players through. Black Water Hattie lived back inContinue reading

How Can I Help? A simple question, and one that is asked in passing every day, usually by sales clerks in department stores or somebody else who’s job it is to try to get you to part with your hard earned dollars (or yen, or pounds, or shekels, or… “Alms for the poor? Alms forContinue reading

Coin Size & Mass Results & Recommendations From An Investigation — For Fantasy RPGs Preface This article isn’t for everyone; some Roleplaying Game (RPG) groups aren’t that concerned with highly accurate or realistic world or social systems, being more concerned with simply having fun playing. On the other-hand, some groups find a highly detailed, realistic,Continue reading

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